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Welcome to the University of Haifa Campus-Wide Donor Recognition and Tribute Network. The Donors Garden was built with the support of the Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation and Prof. Alfred I. Tauber, Chairman of the Board of Governors.
The University of Haifa is grateful to all its friends and supporters who have been instrumental in the development of the University.
At this station you may search our donor data base and find the signage bearing the donor name and its location on campus.

Please type in the name (first and/or last name) of the donor in the search box (at least 3 letters) and hit search. If there is more than one name in response to your query please find the right name and click on it. When you click on the donor name a page with the full donor recognition will appear - relevant signage on campus and its exact location as well as photos.

·      Please note that the page refreshes automatically every 5 minutes